How to get from London Heathrow to Oxford

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Transit Options from LHR to Oxford

Oxford lies only 50 miles/80.5km away from London Heathrow Airport. Hence, the historical city is easily accessible from LHR Airport. Indeed, you’ll have four options for your ride from Heathrow to Oxford; if you want to travel comfortably and/or in style, you should opt for an airport taxi or a lavish Heathrow airport transfer. Aletrnatively, car rentals guarantee autonomy and are ideal for onward road trips, whereas bus rides are the cheapest solution for your transit.

OptionsPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi110128.50137.8060-80 min
Bus19-2522.20-29.2023.80-31.3090 min

Our Tip: You can also opt for a train from Heathrow to Oxford. Nevertheless, your journey will last almost two hours, and you’ll have to use London Underground and other National Rail Lines as well. Verily, a minimum of 1 change of lines (usually 2-3 changes of lines) should be required to reach your destination. Furthermore, train rides from LHR to Oxford are more expensive than bus rides.

London Heathrow to Oxford by Taxi

One of the most convenient methods to travel from Heathrow Airport to Oxford is by a Heathrow airport taxi. Despite being dependent on traffic levels, airport taxis are reliable and overall fast. They are, in fact, divided into two categories: the iconic black cabs and the private-hire vehicles. In both cases, taxis are licensed by TfL (Transport for London), while their drivers pass through checkups and are background checked.

Black taxis (also known as black cabs or hackney carriages) are specially designed vehicles with ample space on their interiors. Thus, they usually can accommodate up to 5 people. Their drivers wear a green or yellow badge and taxis are equipped with a green or yellow sticker (depending on their area of operation) displayed on their windshield. Additionally, they have a “Taxi” light on their roofs, a white license plate (their license number and other useful info are written on the plate), and can be of any color (although named black). Black cabs can be booked online. Alternatively, you can head to one of the LHR taxi stands -there is a designated taxi rank outside all terminals’ Arrivals halls. Nevertheless, during peak hours, you may have to wait in line to catch your back taxi.

On the other hand, private-hire vehicles (minicabs) aren’t allowed to queue up at the taxi stands. As a matter of fact, they can only be pre-booked. Thus, if you opt for a minicab ride from LHR to Oxford, you’ll have to catch your cab at the Short-term Parking Lot, lying close to your landing terminal. Please note that waiting time at the car park may be charged extra. Once reaching the Short-term Parking, you should spot your minicab. It can be of any car type, size, or model, as long as it has its Transport for London license disk on its windows. Moreover, the driver should bear a private-hire ID.

Minicabs offer set prices. Conversely, black cabs are metered, based on a rather complicated system. Still, minicabs and black taxis offer similar rates, with minicabs being slightly less expensive. In any case, your ride from London Heathrow to Oxford should last around 60-80 minutes and cost approximately 110£/128.50€/137.80$. However, during rush hours, you should expect a 20-minute longer journey and a pricier black taxi fare.

Our Tip: Some black cab drivers negotiate fixed fares with their passengers. If this is the case, you should keep in mind that the taximeter must still be on during the ride. Thus, if it indicates a lower than the agreed price at the drop-off point, you’ll have to pay that lower fare.

London Heathrow to Oxford by Bus/Coach

Heathrow buses and coaches are the only public transit mode linking LHR to Oxford. Although local bus lines aren’t an option, you’ll find various shuttles and coaches heading to your destination. In detail, the buses from Heathrow to Oxford are:

Oxford Bus Company (The Airline)

The comfortable Oxford Bus Company Coaches are equipped with toilets and charging points, have designated luggage space and extra legroom, and offer free Wi-Fi. Hence, the Airline (OXF/LHR)operates almost around the clock (from 02:00 am to midnight) from the Heathrow Central Bus Station, lying close to terminals 2 and 3, and from the T5’s Bus Stand 10. Overall, it runs every 20 minutes. However, during the night or in the early morning hours, routes are scarcer. The Airline Buses from Heathrow to Oxford need around 80 minutes to get to their destination from T5 and one hour and a half from the Heathrow Central Bus Station. Once reaching Oxford, the Airline makes several stops across the city. A one-way ticket costs 25£/29.20€/31.30$, while children aged 5-15 are entitled to a 50% discount. Younger children travel for free. Tickets are available online or from the driver inside the bus. Nevertheless, contactless payments are accepted for up to 100£/117€/125.50$ fares. Otherwise, you’ll have to book your tickets online (up to 12 hours prior to the departing time) or pay in cash.

Our Tip: Should you be interested in a return ticket, you’ll find many flexible options.

The National Express Buses

Another option for your transit is the National Express Buses from Heathrow to Oxford. Running around the clock, the National Express Coaches depart from Heathrow Central Bus Station and from T5 Bus Stop heading to Oxford. The shuttles offer luggage storage space and Wi-Fi and are kitted with leather seating. The tickets for the ride from LHR to Oxford via a National Express Coach start from 19£/22.20€/23.80$. In general terms, you should book your tickets well in advance to find the lowest fares. The duration of the ride is around 100 minutes. Still, the fastest route gets to Oxford in just 60 minutes.

Car Rental from London Heathrow to Oxford

You can enjoy a stress-free and autonomous ride from Heathrow Airport to Oxford by opting for a Heathrow car rental. LHR hosts various car hire companies. Therefore, the provided services are superior, and their prices are reasonable. Moreover, early in-advance reservations almost always come with top deals and many available car models. Hence, if you relish independence during your transit and even more so if you are planning on traveling around Oxford and exploring other UK regions as well, it is strongly advisable to book your rental car the sooner, the better.

The ride with your London car rental from LHR to Oxford should last around one hour. Still, when roads are congested, the journeys to Oxford are longer. In that case, you should expect an even 100-minute ride to your journey’s end. On the other hand, unless your hotel offers parking services, you’ll have to park your vehicle as soon as you arrive in Oxford. Fortunately, numerous car parks are scattered all over the city. Previous reservations are recommended in that case too. What’s more, street parking (especially free) is a really hard task. Hence, you can settle on the “Park and Ride” system and leave your vehicle in one of the affordable parking lots outside the city center but close to public transit stops and stations or park it on the street for free (away from the downtown area) and walk your way to the city center. Nevertheless, this option is almost out of the question when traveling with luggage.

Heathrow Airport Transfers from LHR to Oxford

Passengers, who are looking for the utmost traveling option, usually opt for a Heathrow airport transfer. Private airport transfers offer many benefits to their customers. Welcome services a the airport, customized amenities, and smooth, door-to-door rides are only some of their perks. Drivers are cherry-picked, vehicles are as good as new, and all private transfer companies aim at an utterly customized traveling experience. However, you may be concerned about the cost of your transfer. Still, if you search and compare the options, you’ll ferret out tempting deals and low prices, almost similar to London black cabs and minicabs’ fares.


How do I get from London Airport to Oxford?

You’ll have plenty of options for your ride from Heathrow Airport to Oxford. Thus, you can settle on a taxi ride or a private airport transfer or rent a car for your transit. Alternatively, various bus companies operate at LHR Airport, providing fast and efficient routes to Oxford.

Is there a direct train from Heathrow Airport to Oxford?

Unfortunately, London Heathrow Airport isn’t directly linked to Oxford via train. Thus, you’ll have to take Elizabeth Line or Heathrow Express to the city center and use London Underground and/or other National Rail Lines to reach your destination. Hence, rides end up being tedious, while train tickets are costlier than bus fares.

How much is the bus from Heathrow to Oxford?

Two bus companies link London Heathrow to Oxford. Verily, Oxford Bus Company and National Express have available routes from LHR to Oxford. Their prices vary. Still, the cost of the bus journey ranges from 19£/22.20€/23.80$ to 25£/29.20€/31.30$.