How to get from Heathrow to London City Airport

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Transit Options from London Heathrow to City Airport

Are you landing at London Heathrow Airport, but your upcoming flight departs from London City Airport? Here, you can find all the available transit methods to get from LHR to LCY. Hence, if you are looking for a comfortable and relaxed way to get to London City Airport, you should opt for an airport taxi or -even better- for a luxurious Heathrow airport transfer.  On the other hand, car rentals are ideal for autonomous journeys, while rail and subway rides may entail hassle (as they require one or more charges of lines), but are the most affordable way to travel between the two London airports.


OptionsPrice (£)Price (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi7080.5095.6090 min
Train/Subway5.60-13.306.50-15.507-16.6055-70 min

Heathrow to London City Airport by Taxi

When it comes to Heathrow airport taxi rides from London Heathrow to City Airport, passengers can opt for a black cab journey or book a minicab service.

Black cabs (or black taxis or hackney carriages) are custom-built vehicles that can be of any color (and not only black). Up to 5 passengers can share a London black taxi, while they can catch it from the airport taxi ranks (each Heathrow terminal has its own taxi rank) or book it in advance. During rush hours, waiting lines in airport taxi stands can be long. Thus, you should schedule your inter-airport ride accordingly. Official black taxis have a “Taxi” sign on their roofs, a white license plate (displaying important vehicle info), and a green or yellow license sticker on their windshields. Furthermore, licensed taxi drivers must wear a green or yellow badge.

All drivers (black taxi and minicab drivers) are background checked and undergo regular checkups.

Conversely, private-hire vehicles (minicabs) can be of any color and any size or car model. Moreover, they aren’t allowed to line up at the taxi stands but must be exclusively booked online. A licensed minicab has the Transport for London license disk displayed on its windows. What’s more, the driver (wearing a private-hire ID) will be waiting for you at the Short-term Parking of your terminal. However, the waiting time at the parking lot is usually added to the final cost of the ride.

Both Heathrow black taxis and minicabs charge approximately the same. As a matter of fact, minicabs tend to be slightly less pricey. Nevertheless, their big difference lies in their charging system: minicabs offer set rates, whereas black taxis are metered based on a rather complicated system. Overall, the 70-110-minute ride from London Heathrow to London City Airport costs around 70£/80.50€/95.60$. Nonetheless, the common traffic jams (you’ll actually have to traverse London as Heathrow is located west of downtown London and London City Airport on its east side) raise the traveling time (to even 150 minutes) and consequently, the black cab’s final price.

Our Tip: You may be able to negotiate a fixed fare with the driver of your black cab. Still, if the taximeter displays a lower fare, that is what you are going to pay.

Heathrow to London City Airport by Train/Subway

The only public transit option from London Heathrow to City Airport is the train. Nevertheless, it isn’t a direct one. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to use the Elizabeth Line or the subway and the DLR to get to your destination. Thus, if you are traveling on a tight budget and are looking for the most affordable way to get from LHR to LCY, you’ll have to choose one of the following options:

  • Elizabeth Line + London Underground + DLR

Elizabeth Line travels from the LHR London Underground Station located close to terminals 2 and 3 and from the train stations lying in the other two Heathrow terminals (T4 and T5), heading to downtown London. From T2/T3, it operates from 05:21 am (05:54 am on Sundays)  to 00:12 am every 15 minutes, while routes from T4 depart daily from 05:30 am (06:03 on Sundays) to 11:47 pm. From T5, Elizabeth Line is available from 05:15 am (05:49 am on Sundays) to 00:07 am. Its frequency from T5 is every 30 minutes.

Elizabeth Line won’t get you directly to LCY Airport. Hence, you’ll have to alight at Bond Street Station (after a 30-minute ride) and catch the Jubilee Line (tube) heading to Canning Town. You’ll be at Canning Town Station in about 19 minutes. Once there, you’ll hop on the DLR to London City Airport DLR Station. Its traveling time will be just 6 minutes.

DLR (Docklands Light Railway) is a light, driverless train that mostly runs on the East side of London.

The total duration of your journey from London Heathrow to London City Airport is usually around 55 minutes, and its cost is around 13.30£/15.50€/16.60$. However, cash payments and paper tickets are more expensive, raising the final fare of the ride.

  • London Underground + DLR

If you want to use London Underground (tube) for your entire journey from Heathrow to Canning Town, you can opt for a ride with Picadilly Line to Green Park, take the Jubilee Line to Canning Station, and then opt for a ride with the DLR to London City Airport DLR Station.

Heathrow airport subway (Picadilly Line) is efficient. However, it doesn’t have designated luggage storage space and tends to get overcrowded during peak hours. In any case, it runs every 5-10 minutes from all LHR terminals. However, its timetable varies depending on the time of the day or the day of the week. Explicitly:


Heathrow TerminalMonday - ThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
T2/T305:12 am - 11:45 pm05:12 am - 03:07 am03:17 am - 03:07 am03:17 am - 11:20 pm
T405:02 am - 11:35 pm05:02 am - 11:37 am05:06 am - 11:38 am05:42 am - 10:37 pm
T505:22 am - 11:42 pm05:22 am - 03:04 am03:14 am - 03:04 am03:14 am - 11:25 pm
Our Tip: You can also take the fast Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and then catch the Elizabeth Line to Bond Street and change to Jubilee Line to Canning Town before hopping on the DLR to London City Airport DLR Station. Your journey will last approximately 45-50 minutes. Nevertheless, it will be tedious and expensive, costing about 28£/32.70€/35.10$.

Payment Methods for the Ride from LHR to LCY

If you opt for a ride with Elizabeth Line, you’ll have to pay your fare with one of the following options:

  • Paper Tickets: the most expensive option. On the other hand, paper tickets are a convenient payment solution, especially if traveling via London public transit modes is a one-time thing, as they can be bought from the airport’s ticket kiosks and vending machines.
  • Oyster Card: a rechargeable card that can be topped up with money or Travelcards. It’s one of the most popular payment methods for public transport in London, as it can be used in all transit means and operates via the “pay as you go system”. Thus, you pay your fares up to a daily cap (a function of various factors, such as the traversed zones, the traveling duration, etc.). Once reaching that daily cap, you don’t have to pay for your upcoming public rides until 04:29 am the next day. Please note that to activate the “pay as you go” system, you’ll have to touch in your Oyster Card at each station’s yellow card readers and touch it out before leaving your destination station. Oyster Cards cost 7£/8.10€/8.65, and offer free rides for 4 children aged 11-15 per paying adult.
  • Visitor Oyster Card: a type of Oyster Card mainly addressed to London’s visitors. It can be bought only online via the VisitBritain Shop at a 5£/5.80€/6.20$ price. You’ll have to purchase your Visitor Oyster Card well in advance, as it’ll be sent to your home address. Please keep in mind that Visitor Oyster Cards can’t be topped up with Travelcards.
  • Travelcards: you can opt for a 1, 2, or 3-day Travelcard and enjoy unlimited public journeys during the selected time period. London is divided into 9 public transit zones. Heathrow lies in Zone 6. Thus, although Zone 1-4 Travelcards are less expensive, you’ll have to buy a Travelcard for Zones 1-6. Hence, a 1-day Travelcard for Zones 1-6 costs 15.20£/17.60€/18.80$. Moreover, you can buy your Travelcard only online (it will be mailed to your house).
  • Contactless payment: contactless payments also operate via the “pay as you go system”. However, to benefit from its privileges, you’ll have to touch in and out the same device (bank card, smartwatch, smartphone, etc.)

Moreover, you can pay your fare for London Underground using any of the above payment methods. However, if you opt for a paper ticket, you’ll pay 6.70£/7.80€/8.30$ for your ride. You’ll also have the same payment options for your DLR ride. Still, a paper ticket will cost you 6.70£/7.80€/8.30$ instead of the 1.90£/2.20€/2.40$ fare included to the 13.30£/15.50€/16.60$ or 5.60£/6.50€/7$ total price of your journey from Heathrow to London City Airport.

Car Rental from Heathrow to London City Airport

A Heathrow car rental is the ideal transit solution if you relish independent rides. Moreover, with a car rental, you can plan your Heathrow to London City Airport journey at your own rhythm. Do you have a long layover ahead of you? You can make as many intermediate stops as you want as long as you get to LCY Airport on time for your next flight. Are you worried about the cost? LHR Airport hosts various car rental companies. Therefore, prices are competitive and tempting deals can be ferreted out through a search-and-compare process. In fact, if you opt for an early in-advance booking, you’ll certainly find lower fares and more available car types.

The ride with your London car rental from Heathrow to London City Airport usually lasts around 70-110 minutes. Still, during rush hours, you should expect an up-to-150-minute journey from LHR to LCY. As soon as you reach your destination, you’ll have to either return the car or choose a parking facility to park it. Fortunately, apart from the nearby options. London City Airport offers its passengers all the necessary parking amenities.

Heathrow Airport Transfers from London Heathrow to City Airport

The most lavish way to travel from London Heathrow to City Airport is a Heathrow airport transfer. Although airport taxis offer quality services, they can’t compete with the tailored services provided by the various private transfer companies operating at LHR Airport. When booking a Heathrow airport transfer, you can expect your assigned driver to wait for you at the Arrivals hall, take your luggage, show you the way to the vehicle of your preference, and drive you smoothly to LCY Airport, answering each of your questions on the way.  Any required add-ons are at your disposal as long as you add them during the booking process. That being said, Heathrow airport transfers are the number one transit solution for travelers searching for an elevated traveling experience. On the other hand, they are pricier than London black taxis. Still, in-advance reservations usually come with not-to-be-missed offers.


How far is London Heathrow to London City Airport?

Heathrow is 26 miles/42km away from London City Airport. As a matter of fact, LHR is located west of London, whereas LCY Airport is on its East side. Thus, a car ride from London Heathrow to London City Airport lasts around 70-110 minutes. Still, heavy traffic can raise that traveling time to 150 minutes.

How do I transfer from Heathrow to London City Airport?

You’ll have various options for your ride from LHR to LCY. Hence, you can choose an all-time-classic airport taxi, a lavish Heathrow airport transfer, or a handy car rental. Alternatively, you can settle on a train or subway ride. This is the cheapest option for journeys from London Heathrow to City Airport, yet it is a tiring one, as it requires multiple changes of lines.

How much is the train from Heathrow Airport to London City?

The rail fare for your ride from London Heathrow to City Airport depends on the chosen routes and lines. Thus, the combination of the Elizabeth Line, London Underground, and DLR is priced at 13.30£/15.40€/16.40$ (unless opting for paper tickets), and the journey with the London tube and DLR costs as much as 5.60£/6.50€/7$ (if avoiding single tickets).